Victory over #5 and last match of pool play

Maki & Bára have defeated tournament seed no.5 Meppelink/Van Iersel of Netherlands early this morning in a tie-break 2:1 (20-22, 21-17, 15-11). Our girls praised a great teamwork as a key to the win and called the win a “big one”. In just couple of minutes they will start their last match of pool play against experienced Brazilian team Josi/Val BRA [28]. Because the tournament is in Brazil, every Brazilian team gets to play their matches either on a court no.1 or a court no.2 throughout the tournament. Since Maki & Bára have a Brazilian team in their pool they are scheduled at the (centre) court no.1 for their upcoming match. When a team makes it deeper in the tournament draw, most of the matches are then played at court no.1 or court no.2, semifinal and final are usually played only on (centre) court no.1. It is considered an advantage among the players having to play at a centre court before advancing deeper in the draw. May the sand of this centre court be lucky for our Maki & Bára 😉