USA 🇺🇸 , Brazil 🇧🇷 , Ostrava 🇨🇿 , Vienna 🇦🇹…and so on 🌍

Hello to everybody,

there has not been a blog for a long time on our beautiful web sites. So let’s update you on the last few busy weeks or shall we say months?

We left for a training camp in California in mid March and since we decided not to go to the tournament in China, the goal was to train hard in California and concentrate our trainings mainly on game-like situations. We spent 10 days in Hermosa Beach catching up on our game skills during  trainings with American, Canadian and Spanish teams :)

From Hermosa Beach we traveled to Huntington Beach, where a very special World Tour Tournament took place. Huntington Beach Open was a special hybrid AVP / FIVB tournament and the format of the tournament play was very unusual for many of us. The FIVB tournament format has 32 teams in main draw decided into 8 pools, with two matches in a pool play and then single elimination play-offs. Huntington Beach Open had 48 teams in the main draw: 24 international and 16 American and 8 advancing from qualification round. And the main draw was played through a double elimination format. Everything was different then what we are used to, but to sum the system up: if a team lost in the first 3 rounds then it went into the Losers bracket playing anywhere between 4-5 matches and still managing to only finish up below 17th place. For a comparison, to who you what we mean:  If you reach the finals at an FIVB World Tour Tournament, you have played maximum of 7 matches. At Huntington Beach you could have very well played 7 matches already in the first two days of the tournament (and finish 17th :). Unfortunately we fell into the Losers bracket but fought our way to a 13th place. Huntington Beach Open was an interesting and positive experience for us.

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In the middle of April, we traveled west to California for a ten-day gathering. We decided to leave the tournament in China, so it was necessary to catch up with the challenging manoeuvrage and mainly the game-oriented training. Girls from the US, Canada and Spain have “served” more than well :).

From Hermosa Beach, we then moved to Huntington Beach for one night. This year’s only lightning day was a joint event between FIVB and AVP (the Association of Volleyball Professionals from the USA) and played with a brand new hybrid format. Normally, the main FIVB tournament is played with 32 teams, first play groups and then play off for one loss. There were 48 teams, 24 international teams, 16 American and the rest of the qualification. Well, and that’s not enough, so did the spider for two defeats. Simply and simply everything else :). If we summarize this briefly, if you did not take one and lost in one of the first three rounds, he played through the so-called “swamp” 4-5 games and was still up to seventeen. Normally if the team plays up !! to the final, has max 7 matches for the whole tournament. Here’s how much you’ve picked up for the first two game days. We managed to make a very good 13th place and we perceive this tournament as a very interesting and very positive experience.

After Huntington Beach we flew to Rio in Brazil for a week long camp with teams from Finland, Poland and Brazil and then off to Brazilian town of Itapema for another World Tour tournament.  In Itapema we tested a new thing and that is: loosing the first match of the tournament 🙈  We then learned that should such a situation ever happen, one has to really forget about the loss extremly quickly and start WINNING !! otherwise one’s “trip” to Itapema could get cut short very quickly 😉 Nevertheless, we did just that and started winning making our way through the tournament and beating along the way FIVB undefeated Brazilian Team no.1 Barbara/Fernanda. We could not quite to push all the way to semifinals and ended up with a 5th place from Itapema. Evidnelty that if you happen to trip at the beginning of the race, you should not stop running :)) because you may still end up at least in quarterfinals 😉

We arrived back home in Prague only 14 days ago and managed to catch up on many things already. Right after we came back from Brazil, we made a quick stop in Ostrava for the official press conference for Ostrava 4* Tournament (20 – 24. June). We drove to Olomouc because Bara is from Ostrava and it gave her a good opportunity to spend a little bit of time with her family. Thanks to Auto ESA was the D1 highway much more enjoyable (Czech people will udnerstand).

FIVB World Tour – Ostrava 4* Tournament will take place 20-24. June in the area of Dolni Vitkovice, an impressive and very unique place to hold a beach volleyball tournament – you should NOT miss it!! The location gets a big thumbs up from us 👍👍 We also had an opportunity to check out the tournament venue from the aerial perspective when we climbed The Bolt Tower aka the blast furnace no 1 (named in 2015 after Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt). We also filmed a short promo clip for Ostrava 4* along with Misa Kvapilova and Krystina Hoidarova Kolocova.

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 IMG_2292 IMG_2289 Dolni_oblast_Vitkovice_01

Last week we trained and did our physical training mainly at home in Prague, at Vítkov and we also tried to catch up on meetings and other engagements. For example on Tuesday May 29th we took a part at Adidas Solar Run, which started at Vitkov and ended on the roof! of Prague Lucerna with stunning views of Prague! 👍☀️

adidas_157 adidas_025

Then we headed off to Vienna for the days of 4-6. June, where we trained with Schützenhöfer/Plesiutschnig and also swam a little bit in Donau :) As we are in a short break between tournaments it is a great idea to add to our technical drills some game drills and sparring partner drills.

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Back to Prague on Thursday the 7.June … specifically at crack of down at Lake Lhota because we were shooting a very special video for our partner Tipsport. Super experience, crazy outfits, beautiful filming locations, nice people. So even though it was a very long and demanding day we want to thank you to all the people there.

We will show you the result soon 😜

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