GOLD in Kuala Lumpur 4*

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 4, 2019 – Bara and Maki made up for their opening set loss with a brilliant tie-break comeback to clinch the women’s gold medal of the FIVB Beach Volleyball Beach Volleyball World Tour Port Dickson Beach Open on Saturday.

The Czechs conceded the opening set to the Americans 26-24, after an extensive exchange of points that resulted to six deadlocks down the final stretch. The match continued with a heavy trade of points until the errors of the Americans and Maki’s ace tied things up in favour of the Czech team 22-20. In the third set, Maki and Bara put some pressure on the serve that helped them gain the final points for the golden finish 15-12.

“This was a tough game because there were so many long rallies,” Maki said. “I think towards the end we just put in better serves and better defence that brought us the three-point lead.

“We had the chance to close it on the first set but I didn’t put down the point. In the end we just came out a little bit luckier.”

“Both teams fought for each point,” Bara added. “Kerri and Brooke are very experienced so we were just ready to fight hard. We knew this match would be tough but we pushed hard to reach our full potential.

“This was an awesome start for our season especially after not playing for eight months. This is an unbelievable success and I am very proud of it. We had great preparation for this tournament and we found a lot of potential to grow.”

Bara and Maki have now claimed their second medal 🥇 this season after capturing the silver medal 🥈 last week in Xiamen, China.