17th place at Maceio Open

Maki & Bára are saying good-bye to Maceio with a 17th place finish. They were not able to defeat the Polish team in order to advance into a second round of the play offs. The match took place at high noon and Polish team was just able to adapt faster to the heat. Maki & Bára lost the first set 15-21, but in the second set they seemed to have found their stride and went on to lead for the most part of the 2nd set into creating a good 3 point set ball advantage. Then came a couple of mistakes from our girls allowing the Polish to catch up and ultimately win the set 23-21.

As a new team, Maki & Bára & Simon are looking at Maceio Open as a good test tournament where they played some of the high ranked teams on the FIVB circuit, pocketed some solid wins but have also learned about some areas of the game that still needs to be worked on. Giving up 3 set balls will probably still sting for just a little while longer, but if it doesn’t hurt then you will not remember it and you will not be able to improve on it. Overall ranking: not so bad but could have been better ☺

“Sometimes you win sometimes you learn”

Ciao Maceio Open and hello Rio Grand Slam!